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Frequently Asked Questions


How should I store my sherry?

We recommend storing your sherry upright in the bottle, at room temperature (60⁰ - 90⁰ F) in indirect light.  Our triple cream sherry is clarified rather than filtered in the traditional sense.  This means there could be some microscopic tannin particles remaining in the wine which may deposit on the side of the bottle if left on its side over time.   In addition, we finish our sherry with a short bar-top cork for ease of multiple openings and closings of the bottle.  This cork is not air tight and could leak if the bottle is stored on its side.

How long will my sherry last in the bottle?

Our triple cream sherry is over 18 years old when we bottle it.  It is very stable to the environment.  We like to say it will last as long as your willpower will let it.  In all seriousness, the sherry will remain good in the bottle for many years if stored properly.

How long will my sherry last once I open the bottle?

Part of the manufacturing process for sherry is controlled oxidization.  This means that unlike red and white wines, our sherry is stable in air.  So you can open your bottle and enjoy a glass or two and then recork it many times, over several days, weeks or even years.  Do not refrigerate at any time. 

How can I tell what year my sherry was produced?

Starting in 2000, we began inserting a bottling code on the back label of the triple cream sherry.  The bottom line of each back label is “B-yy”  where the yy indicates the year; for example B-18 would indicate the 2018 triple cream sherry blend.

What is a typical pouring of sherry?

We recommend that you serve our triple cream sherry at room temperature to enjoy its full-flavoured bouquet. Due to the complex flavors resulting from the long aging of the sherry and to the higher alcohol content, we recommend using a small dessert-type glass and the actual pour being 1-2 ounces.